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Explore Paros island
starting from Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi, Paros island

If you are looking for a destination that resembles a picture postcard image of a Cycladic island, Paros is the perfect place! With dazzling beaches, crystal-clear waters, quaint whitewashed houses and churches, wonderful sites, and posh visitors, the island attracts people from all over the world and from all walks of life. In other words, Paros Island is the ideal holiday spot for everyone!

The scenic village of Piso Livadi where Aloni hotel is located, is well-known for its beautiful sandy beach – which is lined with lush trees and traditional tavernas and cafés -, its charming fishing port, and its magical view of the endless Aegean Sea. It is the ideal getaway for visitors that are looking for a quiet place to relax and unwind.

Sites and Attractions

Paros is also well-known for its sites and attractions. While on Paros Island you should definitely visit the Church of Ekatodapyliani, the castle, the ruins of Asklipio the ancient sanctuaries and the ancient graveyard in Parikia. Steal some time from your schedule to see the castle in Marpissa, the abandoned windmills and the Mycenaean palace in Naoussa, the tower ruins and Calpaki cave in Dryos, the ancient marble quarries in Lefkes and the butterflies in Psychopiana.

Paros Beaches

Paros is famous for its fantastic beaches, all of them are very close to Piso Livadi, with azure waters, dramatic rock formations, famous windsurfing locations all over the world, sandy and lovely beaches with trees that offer protection form the sun.

Local Cuisine

One of the greatest attractions of the island of Paros is its local cuisine. We suggest you try some of the delicious local dishes such as chick pea soup, chick pea balls, sea salad (sundried fish), rafiolia (little fried myzithra cheese pies), spinach and squash pie, karavoli (snails and garlic dip) and fish soup, accompanied by the excellent Paros wine.

From the Aloni hotel in Piso Livadi, you can easy reach the following places:

Paros airport: (taxi fare: € 60 for up to 4 people and € 65 for 5 to 8 people)

Port of Paros: (taxi fare: € 50 for up to 4 people and € 55 for 5 to 8 people)

Piso Livadi beach: 100 m

Logaras beach: 400 m

Supermarket: 750 m

Bus stop: 100 m

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